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If you’re a fluent or native speaker of a language other than English, this
blog post will help you learn how to get started translating so
that more people around the world who speak your language can learn about

Thank you to Simon AKA “Komodorpudel” for preparing content to help organize this post.…


Bitcoin is Spreading

Over the the past year, as part of’s ongoing content translation
initiative to help spread information about Bitcoin all around the world, many
people have helped extend and update the site into their own native languages.

Thanks to community donations and a sponsorship from Paxful,
translators throughout 2018 received bitcoin bonuses in appreciation
for the time and efforts that they had spent volunteering.…


A new, more user-friendly and simple set of pages designed to help people find
an ideal bitcoin wallet is now available. It includes a step-by-step wizard to
help people become more familiar with wallets, ratings to compare how they stack
up alongside other wallets, as well as explanations of features they provide
in order to help people make their own informed decisions.…