Open Source

Komodo and BTC type things in PHP, Node.js, Bash etc…

webworker01’s GitHub contributions in the last year

webworker01's GitHub contributions


High-performance website techniques on modest servers 🐸 – I’m a $KMD notary node for 2018 & 2019 and here are some live stats for the notary network
Nginx, MySQL and PHP Hosting and Development – The first full zk-SNARKs mining pool for the PIRATE (ARRR) chain.
Nginx, Node.js, Redis Hosting and Development – A privacy focused search engine
Nginx and Python Hosting. Front-end development.


My bot is named FellowHuman. Public rooms to interface with him: – FellowHuman does Crypto News


Other scripts and tools for public consumption

freshubuntu – Scripts for setting up a new Ubuntu 16+ server with basic security
Shell scripting

WalletWorker – Windows command line wallet interface for Komodo and all asset chains
Batch File scripting – scripts for technical analysis
PINE scripting – simple PHP tools and index
PHP Programming


I like need dark themes! Especially #000 based ones for that AMOLED power savings!

Update: I’m mostly getting out of the theming business after finding DarkReader