webworker01 is a North American Notary Node operator since Spring of 2018. During that time he’s continued to tinker and work on keeping his node operations at peak performance while learning and contributing to the Komodo ecosystem.

With modest server specs, daily attention to node operations allowed him to reach top performer in North America and #3 overall in the notary network for the 2018-2019 season.

Vote2019 – Address: RPyD36pL25mRh4uNR2AaEHfoUjVHYDUbVe (SH)

For 2019 I propose the setup of one additional notary node in the Southern Hemisphere (SH). Similar to my first notary node, I will once again choose a data center that is in a different location from all other operators. I am currently investigating data centers in Kenya and South Africa and plan to look at options in South America as well. Exact location will be decided and announced near the end of the voting period. System specs will be similar to the NA notary node I am currently managing (which will be upgraded this year to include 1TB NVME for storage).

After running for a second node I will not seek to run for any additional nodes. The proceeds from this second node will of course help with the cost of maintaining multiple vps and dedicated servers for the Komodo ecosystem as well as help fund additional development to enhance the project. My first goal will be to rewrite komodostats.com source code and open source it so that some suggestions that didn’t make it into the first version can be submitted by the community as well as have other instances run by other admins.

Proposed Server Specs

  • Supermicro SuperServer
  • Processor: Intel Xeon E5-1620
  • RAM: 4x Micron 16GB ECC DR DDR4
  • Storage: Crucial 1TB SSD
  • Networking: 200 Mbps uplink
  • Data Center: Johannesburg, ZA

How to Vote

VOTE2019 coins were airdropped to any addresses you held KMD in as of April 14, 2019. Simply send these coins to RPyD36pL25mRh4uNR2AaEHfoUjVHYDUbVe to vote for me in the SH region.

Please visit komodoelection.com for more info on wallets to access and send your VOTE2019 coins and information on the elections and candidates.


I am not an official member of Komodo team, but a motivated contributor where my skills allow.

About the Elections

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My Projects

For Komodo

komodostats.com – Developed and maintains the website, database and full coin nodes required for analysis and presentation of statistics for the dPoW process

komodophp – PHP library for working with Komodo chains and electrumX

notarystats – Open source stats gathering for the dPow notary service

komodometrics – Took over hosting and domain name for komodometrics.com in early summer 2018 – converted notary-node-alarm bot to use komodostats.com database

knomp – Developed the first z-transaction only fork of z-nomp to facilitate the fully private PirateChain. The software is used by many mining pools for PirateChain and other Komodo based mining pools.

minerpond.com – Another pool running on knomp which will be expanded to support additional Komodo assetchains

komodotools – Consistent contributor to the komodotools repo to provide scripts for notary nodes to maintain and analyze their own systems

freshubuntu – Spin off some scripts from komodotools contributions with a set of scripts that can be used for any public facing Ubuntu server

For PirateChain

piratepool.io – the first and largest pool for ARRR running on the knomp software

pirate.black – Complete redesign of WordPress site

For KMDLabs

webworker01 is one of the original set of notary nodes for KMDLabs and has assisted in debugging as well as hosting and setup of some explorers and websites.

kmdlabs.io – Hosting and setup of WordPress

staked.cc – Hosting and setup of WordPress

For ChainZilla

KMD Paper Wallet – Complete front end update for KMD paper wallet

faucet website – Developed PHP/MySQL based faucet website using ElectrumX

Launched or assisted with launch of dPoW blockchains – Zilla and DionPay – insight explorers, Agama, BarterDEX, dPow integration, web wallet

NA Server Specs

  • PowerEdge R230
  • Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1270 v6
  • RAM: 64GB @ 4x Micron 16GB (x72, ECC DR) 260-Pin DDR4 SODIMM
  • Storage: Dual Intel SSD DC S3500 Series (800GB, 2.5in SATA 6Gb/s, 20nm, MLC) (RAID1)
  • Networking: Dual Broadcom BCM5720 Gigabit Ethernet / 400 Mbps uplink
  • Data Center: ISO 27001:2013 Certified located in Lenexa, KS


  • Telegram/Twitter/Github – @webworker01
  • Discord – webworker01#3884
  • Keybase
  • Website

Obligatory Cat


North America Notary Node Proposal Spring 2018